Black Coffee Book Tours (Archive)


Tours hosted by Henry Roy PR

Note: Henry Roi PR continues to run booktours under the name Black Coffee Tours. This archive contains only the tours run until July 2022.

Tour arrangement and graphics by Carly Rheilan and Lilyan Arċier.


Click any image to view animation – best with sound turned on. Tap again to stop.

JTT Ryder

Hag of the Hills

Justin Newland

The Old Dragon’s Head

June 10 – 13

Malve von Hassell

Tapestry of My Mother’s Life

May 27 – 30

Marian Thorpe

Empires Heir

May 20 – 23

Link to tour report

Richard Becker

50 States

May 13 – 16

Isobel Blackthorn

Emma’s Tapestry

15-18 April

Chris Coppel


1-4 April


Malve von Hassell

The Amber Crane

17 – 23 December

Link to tour report

Bob van Laerhoven

Alejandro’s Lie

03 – 06 December

Link to tour report


Jack Kregas

Choice Cruise Lines

26 -29 November

Link to tour report


Miles Watson

The Numbers Game

12 – 15 November

Link to tour report

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