Education for African Girls




Last year we were proud to accompany one of the Trustees of The Paul Hodges Trust to visit some of the projects that they support in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Paul Hodges Trust works with locally-run non-government organisations in African countries to support projects aiming to empower women and girls. Education is crucial and this includes the provision of books. While we were there, we saw schools which had no books. Schools that were just empty buildings, with a blackboard on the wall and children sitting on the floor. Even this is beyond the reach of many girls from the poorest communities, who don’t go to school at all.

Every cent that we take in fees (we cover our own costs and don’t take these out) is donated to support the work of The Paul Hodges Trust in bringing literacy to girls in Africa. We particularly support their Joan Davis Scholarship Fund, which enables girls from slum communities in Sierra Leone, and girls from Masai backgrounds, to continue from primary to secondary education.

Support the Paul Hodges Trust

You support the Paul Hodges Trust every time you purchase a tour or other service, or undertake a review for one of our tours. Each book tour raises the money to keep a talented girl from a destitute community in secondary school for one year.

You can read more about The Paul Hodges Trust on their website and twitter feed. Details of how to help their work are included on their website.

And you can always support them by purchasing items from their Etsi shop. These are all products made by women and girls in projects that they support.

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