Coffee and Thorn Tours

Upcoming tours

Fractured Tears

Amy Shannon

Fiction and memoir

February 03 – 06

Empress & Soldier

Marian L Thorpe

Historical fiction in an imagined history

March 03 – 06

Lily upshire is winning

John Holmes

Young adult to adult

March 17 – 20


Tonja Drecker

Middle-grade suspense and fantasy

March 31 – April 3

THE Abdication

Justin Newland

Historical fantasy

April 18 -21


(If you would be interested in reviewing any of the books listed below — well, you’ve missed the tour, but the author would still love a review so get in touch and we’ll sort you out a copy.)

Wicked Bleu

E. Denise Billups

Paranormal suspense

January 20 – 23


Jeffrey Sotto

January 06 – 09

Shadow of the Mole

(second tour!)

Bob van Laerhoven

December 16 – 19

Milking the cat

Theophanes Avery

December 9 – 12


Kevin G Chapman

November 25-28

Shadow of the Mole

Bob van Laerhoven

July 29 – August 01

Deus Ex

Miles Watson

July 22 – 25

The Beached Ones

Colleen Story

July 8 – 11

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