Completed Coffee and Thorn Tours

Below are details of the tours we have completed since our launch in July 2022.

We try to be transparent. Statistics on our tours – what tours we have done, number of reviews and other posts generated etc – are published here. You can also more detailed reports on our completed tours by following the links below.

(If you would be interested in reviewing any of the books listed below — well, you’ve missed the tour, but the author would still love a review so get in touch and we’ll sort you out a copy.)


Samantha Wilcoxson

A fictionalised account of real events

September 22 – 25

Wolf Weather

Miles Watson

Horror / Dark Fantasy

September 1 – 4

  • Link to tour report


Marian L Thorpe

Historical fiction of an imagined empire

August 18 – 21

murder in myrtle bay

Isobel Blackthorn

Cosy Mystery

July 18 – 21

THE very dead of winter

Miles Watson

Historical fictionWWII

July 7 – 10


Katie Crabb

Historical fiction18th Century

June 16 – 19

THE scots of dalriada

Rowena Kinread

Historical fiction5th Century

June 2 – 5

THE Abdication

Justin Newland

Historical fantasy

April 18 -21

Coming apart

Karen Heenan

Historical fiction – 1930s

April 14 – 17


Tonja Drecker

Middle-grade suspense and fantasy

March 31 – April 3

Lily upshire is winning

John Holmes

Young adult to adult

March 17 – 20

Empress & Soldier

Marian L Thorpe

Historical fiction in an imagined history

March 3 – 6

Fractured Tears

Amy Shannon

Fiction and memoir

February 3 – 6

Wicked Bleu

E. Denise Billups

Paranormal suspense

January 20 – 23


Jeffrey Sotto

January 6 – 9

Shadow of the Mole

(second tour!)

Bob van Laerhoven

December 16 – 19

Milking the cat

Theophanes Avery

December 9 – 12


Kevin G Chapman

November 25-28

Shadow of the Mole

Bob van Laerhoven

July 29 – August 1

Deus Ex

Miles Watson

July 22 – 25

The Beached Ones

Colleen Story

July 8 – 11

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