Promotional graphics

We include a promotional animation for each book tour, and at the end of the tour we are always happy to supply an unbranded version (ie which does not include reference to Coffee and Storm or the book tour) which authors can use for their own website or publicity. We are also happy to create promotional animations outside of tours, such as the series below.

We normally work from the book cover, but we want the promotional graphic to be a proper reflection of the book, so we read the book before we start on the graphic.

Outside of book tours, we charge $70 for a 40-60 second animation sequence, such as the ones below. For longer sequences, rates are negotiable. Some longer sequences may be simple to produce: our fee will reflect the time that the production is likely to take.

All fees for graphics work are donated to The Paul Hodges Trust, a charity that works with African communities to empower women and girls through education and employment.

Recent Graphics Projects:

Justin Newland: The Old Dragon’s Head
Justin Newland: The Genes of Isis


Arthur Herbert : The Bones of Amoret


Would you like us to work on graphics for you?

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