Tour: A Festive Juxtaposition

By Paul R Stanton

November 03 – 06

Audio – “Between Two Evils” by Michael Ramir C.

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It was Christmas Eve in the good old city of London. Everything was alive with the joyous sounds of festive exchanges; carols floated on the breeze and gently wafted across the cold waters of the river Thames. Multi-coloured lights appeared to festoon the streets in every quarter, and the fragrant heady smell of pine needles could be detected everywhere. There was nothing quite like it. It could be said that there was, in fact, magic in the air.
At that point the Devil arrived at Charing Cross station. He was dressed immaculately in an Astrakhan coat, leather gloves and patent leather shoes that were so brightly polished you could see your face in them. He sported a small black goatee beard and had features that could easily have been chiseled from stone. Smiling, he stepped out into the night. But what was his purpose for being there? Was it purely philanthropic? Or, did he have an ulterior motive up his sleeve? As the evening wore on, the good old city was about to find out.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Please add this to your list of favorite reads. You leave this tasteful pleasure with more life than when you began the first sentence. Amazon review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Every once in a while, a book will come along that stands head and shoulders about the rest. A Festive Juxtaposition is such a book. It contains all the ingredients that make for a riveting read: the magic of Christmas, and everything that goes with it, a mystery that runs throughout the book – hence the term juxtaposition, and not forgetting the interesting snippets of history that fill its pages. It is a book that having read it once, it leaves you with the feeling of gladness and well-being. Like all classics it then becomes a book you will return to again and again. Excellent. Would love to see it made into a film Amazon review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An exciting tale about the Devil’s appearance in London one snowy Christmas Eve, the individuals he encounters and the extraordinary events that take place during his visit! Amazon review

About the Author

The entertainment field has been no stranger to Paul Stanton over the years; having worked in both theatre and television. He has written numerous plays, novels and children’s books, before finally dedicating himself to what he considers to be his magnum opus: A Festive Juxtaposition. After much input it is a work Paul is finally happy with (having rewritten it a total of fifteen times) and regards it as a ‘little Christmas ditty’ that hopefully people will like and warm to.

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