Tour: Coming Apart

By Karen Heenan

April 14 – 17


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No one knows you like a sister.

Ava has always been poor, so she doesn’t think the Great Depression will change anything. But when her mother dies and her coal miner husband loses his job, Ava’s certainty falters. The last thing she needs is a letter from her estranged sister, asking for the impossible.

Claire has everything she could ever want, except the child she promised her husband. When her sister’s life falls apart, she reaches out to help – and finds the missing piece of her own marriage.

With everything at stake, Ava must choose: give up one child to save the rest or keep the family together and risk losing it all?

If you like strong, resourceful women, well-developed historical themes, and heartfelt family drama, then Coming Apart is your next rainy-day read.

Praise for cOMING APART

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is so well written it was a joy and a pleasure to read, mixed up with a lot of emotional trauma, in fact the author made me cry at one stage.
I felt I was in these two sisters’ lives and everything they had to bear, although they were living such different lives, they each had their own problems to contend with. Brilliant read. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Coming Apart may be fiction, but author Karen Heenan finds the truth residing in every family…small, large or extended beyond ties of blood…the people you need, or that need you in any given moment, they are your family. And no stronger bond exists than that of sisters. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This novel is simply brilliant. Heartwarming and in many ways tragic, it is so well written that I felt as though I was actually there. It is difficult to write a book where the author can make the reader feel compassion and sympathy for all the characters, but Karen Heenan succeeds in doing just that… I loved how Ms. Heenan gives each of the characters a separate voice that, over the course of the story, finally threads together as the reader sees each sister begin to grow into their own stronger, wiser selves. I couldn’t put this book down and can’t wait for Book 2. I highly recommend!Amazon Review

About the Author

As an only child, Karen Heenan learned early that boredom was the enemy. Shortly after she discovered perpetual motion, and has rarely been seen holding still since.

She lives in Lansdowne, PA, just outside Philadelphia, where she grows much of her own food and makes her own clothes. She is accompanied on her quest for self-sufficiency by a very patient husband and an ever-changing number of cats.

One constant: she is always writing her next book.


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