Tour: Music Boxes

By Tonja Drecker

March 31 – April 3

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About Music Boxes

“I only desire your talent…”

Twelve-year-old Lindsey McKay’s biggest dream is to be a famous ballerina. But after moving to New York, she ends up at the Community Center with a teacher who’s a burly bear in tights.
When she meets Madame Destinée, the teacher of a top dance school who offers her classes for free, Lindsey can’t believe her luck. In exchange, she must perform in the school’s exclusive midnight shows, ones sure to make her a star. But something’s not right…
One by one, the other dancers disappear. Each time they do, a music box with a figurine just like the missing ballerina joins Madame Destinée’s growing collection. If Lindsey doesn’t discover the truth about the dance school, she might end up a tiny figurine herself.

Praise for MUSIC BOXES

Recommended by Barnes & Noble as a top summer read for campfire chills!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was intrigued by the synopsis, but I didn’t expect to be so sucked in by the story. I read it in one sitting, once I started reading, I was totally pulled into the story and couldn’t put it down. The writing is absolutely amazing, I felt like I was in the story, right along Lindsey and her creepy teacher. 🙂 Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book ought to be a best-seller, it’s honestly that good! Lindsay and her family have moved to NY because her little sister has been accepted into Julliard, a school for gifted children. Lindsay has to put her ballet on hold because of this, but she still loves her little sister. Anyway, Lindsay discovers a strange tutor for her ballet and the story takes a different tone, it becomes slightly sinister (in a witchy kind of way). It’s very atmospheric and in my opinion just as good, if not better, than Roald Dahl’s classic The Witches. It’s a must-read for any child or adult. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I like the way the author constructs the tale and weaves the story of Lindsay’s music box–the one her grandmother had given to her way before they moved to New York City–into the plot. The author employs magic, a touch of horror, suspension of belief, trust in non-trustworthy adults, non-trust in trustworthy adults, and typical behavior of teenagers and tweens as they dare to dream to become something in the real world while they live in a fantasy world.. Amazon Review

About the Author

Like so many people in the literary world, I wear many hats—a writer, a kidlit reviewer, a blogger, freelance translator, farmer and mother. As a writer, I’ve published stories for magazines as well as several short stories including In the Shadow of the Eagle’s Eye in Real Girls Don’t Rust; Meringue, Murder or Marzipan in Full Dark; A Glowworm which was published as an Ubook through Black and White Pubishing. My debut middle grade novel, Music Boxes, released through Dancing Lemur Press.

Outside of these achievements, I’ve spent much of my life living in Europe with my family of six and enjoyed exploring forgotten castles, experiencing the rich history, and diving into various cultures. Currently, I reside in the Ozarks and am fulfilling one life dream of running a small farm. (But this is by no means the last dream on the list). When I’m not tending chickens, cows, and repairing broken fence lines, you’ll find me nibbling on chocolate, sitting next to our tiny waterfall with a book in my hand, or day dreaming in the forest…and always with a cup of tea.

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