Tour: The Very Dead of Winter

By Miles Watson

July 07 – 10

Audio – The 3rd Day by Eugenio Mininni

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The Very Dead of Winter stands alone, but the events depicted are preceded by those in Miles Watson’s novel, “Sinner’s Cross”.

On the eve of what will be known as The Battle of the Bulge, the survivors of Sinner’s Cross are scattered all over Europe. Halleck, the tough-as-nails Texan who drives men like cattle, finds himself surrounded in the snow-blanketed forests of the Eifel Mountains riding herd on greenhorn soldiers; Breese, the phony hero with a chip on his shoulder the size of Rushmore, embarks on a bloody mission of redemption behind enemy lines; Cramm, the one-eyed, one-armed German staff officer, tries to balance duty against his lust for vengeance against the fellow officers who crippled him. Three men separated by war will once again converge…in The Very Dead of Winter.

About the Author

Miles Watson is one of the most successful independent writers of his generation. His various works have won the following:

  • CAGE LIFE – Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Runner Up (2016): Zealot Script Magazine “Book of the Year” (2017); Best Indie Book Award – Mystery & Suspense (2018)
  • KNUCKLE DOWN – Writer’s Digest S.P.B.A. Honorable Mention (2019); Best Indie Book Award – Suspense (2019)
  • DEVILS YOU KNOW – Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing Finalist (2019)
  • THE NUMBERS GAME – Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2019)
  • NOSFERATU – Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Novella – (2020)
  • SINNER’S CROSS – Best Indie Book Award – Historical Fiction – (2019); Book Excellence Award – Action (2020); Literary Titan Book Award – Gold Medal (2020); Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards – Finalist (2020); Readers Favorite Five Stars (2021)

He holds undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and History and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction, and served in law enforcement for nearly ten years before moving to Los Angeles, where he has worked on over 200 episodes of television and half a dozen feature films. But his first and last passion is writing.

Praise for the very dead of winter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Very Dead Of Winter is a complex and thought-provoking historical war fiction novel. This captivating book can unmask the stereotypical idea of what the average citizen thinks a soldier looks like.  If you are looking for a book with rich characters, an enticing story, and significant historical context, this book is for you….well worth the read and will give readers a brand new perspective. I highly recommend it.”  — Literary Titan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Miles Watson is an author it’s always worth reading, whatever he writes…. He captures exquisitely both the difference in the German and American perspective and the universality of their experience. The heroism and the futility of it all. The waste.
It’s not an easy book. The title says it. There is a depth of winter in all of the human experience.” Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I learned A LOT and really enjoyed the historical descriptions. The are excellently written and took me back in time. I felt like I was living this story with them while wondering how I would react in their shoes….Overall, this book is engaging and will keep you thinking about it long after the last page. I recommend this book all historical fiction lovers!” Amazon review

About the Author

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